Swim Analysis

Swim Analysis


To improve your swimming performance you need to focus on what is really important.

Our triathlon / open water specific feedback will provide you with this focus. We will assess your stroke and provide the advice to progress your triathlon swim performance by indicating how you can achieve more efficiency.

We focus on things that will make a big difference. No traditional “swimming” drills but simple pointers that suit your individual body and are appropriate to the sport you are training for – dynamic and chaotic open water.

Correctional advice will be largely based on whole movement practices, as opposed to breaking your stroke down into parts with “drills”. Train your race day movements by swimming with movements that suit you and are sustainable. This way you improve your swim ability and your aerobic fitness rather than repeating 25m of “technique” focusing on small parts of the stroke, performed slowly and with lots of rest.

Our online coaching, triathlon and swim training plans complement this assessment if you are looking for triathlon swim sessions.

Video requirement:

Two to three videos of you swimming:

  1. filmed directly from the side and of both left and right side
  2. filmed with you swimming directly towards the camera
  3. BONUS angle; an underwater recording of you swimming towards the camera

Most smartphones are more than adequate

Be excited and confident that you can improve your swimming.