Single Sport Plans

Single Sport Plans


Our single sport plans are developed to allow you to progress your swim, bike or run performance in a way that is specific to the sport you are training for: triathlon. To be good at triathlon you have to train for triathlon, NOT train for swimming, cycling or running.

If you haven’t trained with us before, on a camp, part of a squad or online, the content of these plans will be refreshingly new and different to what your peers and rivals do. We know that this approach is key to improving your triathlon performance as we see it working with our coached athletes.

The intro swim, bike and run plans

These introduction plans introduce our key training sessions that feature in our triathlon coaching methodology. There are aerobic focused session, strength sessions and race pace sessions.

​​​​​​​We recommend you replicate the (same) sessions for at least 4 weeks to really get the benefit of the training. After 4 weeks you can progress the repetitions by small amounts to advance your fitness and strength.