Our female or male triathlon training plans are aimed at those athletes who are committed to training solo but want a structured plan, tailored to their gender, to reach their race goal and stay healthy.

Weekly training hours begin at around 10hrs per week for both the long- and middle-distance plans and the athlete should be able to swim 2000m (total session), ride for 1.5hrs and run for 30-45mins.

Our training plans recognise that triathlon is one sport, with sessions that are simple and effective, designed to build aerobic fitness and strength to develop the endurance needed to be competitive.

Triathlon is one sport

Triathlon comprises swim into biking into running, with no rest and training must factor this in to be effective. The swim, bike and run are not separate disciplines, they are connected. This is fundamental to our training plans; we train you to race.

Session Layout and Content

Each session throughout the plans complement and support every other session, for the whole 16 weeks, which allows for continuous training without incorporating rest days. Plans should therefore be followed as written; changing sessions will diminish the returns.

This enables a healthy approach to training that improves overall performance

Each plan has:

  • 3 swims per week;
  • 3 bike sessions per week (including indoor sessions);
  • 2 run sessions per week; and
  • 1 brick session per week.

This proven methodology has taken many of our athletes to Kona and the 70.3 World Championships as well as national, ETU and ITU Age Group Championship qualification in both sprint and standard distance.

A pull buoy and swim paddles will be required for the swim sessions and a turbo trainer for bike sessions; run sessions can be performed indoors or outdoors.