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Masters of Tri

Masters of Tri, the Spain based triathlon coaching team and training camp provider.

All triathletes aspire to compete in their sport at the highest level in their age group or overall. All triathletes have similar traits – that of being competitive being one as well as have their own individual capabilities.

We recognise this individuality and we coach athletes as individuals; accounting for age, gender, ability and ambitions. Every aspect that makes a triathlete individual affect training needs and what can, and should, be prescribed.

Over a collective of 40 years of coaching, we have developed and refined our approach to this simple method:

We assess and notice those subtle, almost imperceptible differences that can change any triathlete’s performance.

We advise, inch by inch, to develop the athlete, building their strength and endurance, accelerating them towards their goals.

The best coaches don’t shout, they inspire, they keep it simple, they notice the little things that create great change and accelerate performance.

Masters of Tri are very proud to confirm our partnership with Team Zoot Europe for a second season!

Over the last few years (having coached 2 Zooters before partnering with Zoot Europe in 2018) we have helped 3 Team Zoot Europe athletes qualify and race at the Ironman World Championships in Kona.

We now coach 6 Team Zoot Europe triathletes and communicate regularly with others via social media and email so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

If we can help you on your journey or you want to join us on a camp, click on the linked pictures below (and remember your discount):